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The Foundation Council of the original peoples in the Middle East

First – Historical facts

  1. Berbers, Copts, African Sudan, the Arameans, Armenians, Phoenicians, the Maronites, Assyrians, Kurds, Hebrews, Chaldeans, Laz, Baluchis and others are the ancient peoples of the Middle East, lived their ancestors on their national soil tens of centuries before Islam, and established states and kingdoms, and participated actively in the building civilization.
  2. In the name of Islam Arab, Persians and the Turks invaded these peoples as their slaves, occupied their homelands by sword, and looted their wealth… and over the centuries stripped of the national heritage, and imposed by the culture and identity of Arab, Persian and Turkish.
  3. Since of the beginning of the twentieth century, the super powers helped the rapists Arabs, Persians and Turks to ride on the necks of indigenous peoples, oppressed politically, tore socially and economically, and practiced against them more racist policies and lowliest and aggressive, and stole their home, and call it false (the Arab world), and (Iran) and (Turkey), and named their indigenous peoples (minorities).
  4. Still fascists Arabs and Arabists practicing the slavery policies against our people, and spread Jihadism Sunni, for the establishment of (state succession) and the control of the world, and the Persians follow the same approach under the banner of Shiism, and began the Turk walk in the same direction under the banner of Islam, a Sunni moderate, they claim.
  5. It is true that severe competition between the fascists and undercover Arabs, Persians and Turks, but they are keen on the implicit coordination among them, to suppress the peoples who raped their countries and their dealings with the Kurds in Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria is clear evidence of this.

Secondly – the tasks of the Uprising of the countries’ owners which been raped

Every victory achieved by the Fascists Arabs, Arabists, Persians and Turks – in any way whatsoever – is a threat to our oppressed peoples, and we must confront them, and working hard to bring down this ugly uncivilised occupation, to achieve this, we do the following:

  1. Liberate our people from Arabic, Persian and Turkish colonial culture in all areas, and show them the great plot which organised against them centuries ago, and identification of fascism, which runs the plot, the detection of targets.
  2. The revival of the cultures of our peoples; language, doctrine, history, ideals, values, ideology, literature and art, in order to regain national identities and national Middle Eastern origin.
  3. Disclosure of stock fascist and obscurantist in Arab culture, arabists, Persian, Turkish, and to show that the first terrorist ideology resources are religious and nationalist chauvinism believes.
  4. Detection of subtle mechanisms adopted by the rapists to the occupation of the homelands, and the colonization of peoples, and the destruction cultures and looting of wealth, and falsification of history.
  5. Enlighten the masses of Arab, Persian and Turkish that the fascism culture is danger for them, and coordination with the Enlightened of these peoples, to remove that culture, and to build a prosperous Middle East, the problem is not with these people, but with the culture of fascism.
  6. Enlighten people of the world the danger of fascist ideology Arab, Arabists, Persian, and Turkish on their security, and expose the deception practiced by the makers of obscurantist ideologies, and uncover the ugly face of the beats they cover, who they claim they are messengers of civilization and peace.
  7. Enlighten the leaders of the democratic world the danger of the Arab – Persian – Turkish thoughts on the values ​​of their people, and alert them to the Islamists dragging the world into religious extremism, as the Seljuk Turks drags of Europe to the Crusades Wars in (1095), and to convince the leaders of the democratic world that our nations are strategic partners for them in the war against the culture of terrorism, and their interest to help our people.

Third – the operational plan of the Uprising

A – the establishment of mechanisms for the project:

  1. Configuration (the senior leadership of the countries’ owners which been raped), to formulate the terms of the project.
  2. Shape (the top) of the Constitution of the Council, and develop strategic plans (cultural, media, financial, etc.), and drew the implementation mechanisms, and supervise the implementation.
  3. Securing the umbrella of the international rights of the Council, through human rights organisations, and organisations of the United Nations.
  4. Provide logistical support for the project financially, and culturally, and politically, and legally, and media, depending on the capabilities of our people, and through investment projects.
  5. Form a team to implement the project, is characterized by dedication, wide culture, and rich professional experience, and upright behaviour, and the asceticism in the positions and funds.
  6. Open branches of the Council in some of the world as much as possible.
  7. Precise mechanisms and firm planning and follow-up, guidance and evaluation.

B – Mechanisms for the implementation of the project:

Order to achieve the project objectives should include the following:

  1. Centre for Strategic Studies.
  2. Academy to train and graduate staff.
  3. Printing house and the publication and distribution.
  4. Newspapers, magazines and bulletins (paper and electronic)
  5. Satellite, radio and Internet sites.
  6. Foundation for the production of films, television series and video tapes.
  7. Foundation for the revival of national cultures of the original peoples in the Middle East.

It can initially establish a website or websites, or use some satellite channels, radio stations and newspapers, research centres, to start the launch of the uprising, and then expand it.

Fourthly – feasibility of the uprising

There is no doubt that our peoples are many in number, smart, courageous, and with a long tradition of militant, are looking to restore their identity and freedom, there are three factors that help to achieve this:

First: the colonial regimes in the Middle Eastern pass severe outbreaks crises because it is authoritarian on the necks of their people, and locked in a struggle with each other for influence.

Second: our elites are more familiar with the mentality of Arab, Persian, Turkish, and more experience of what is happening regionally and internationally, and our people more aware of national identities, and more knowledge of chauvinism policy, and more able to unite against the occupiers.

Third: elites of the democratic world is now more understanding of the dark rooted in the Arab, Persian, and Turkish culture, and they find out day after day that it is not useful in dealing with analgesics and courtesies, and in their interest to ally with our people in their war against the culture of terrorism.

The proposed project has many benefits, including the following:

  1. The rapists suppresses our peoples one by one, and take advantage of scattering our efforts, this project withdraws this card from their hands, they will not face the Tamazight only, or the Kurds only, or the Copts only, etc., but they will face many peoples united in their positions, and a vibrant demographic, historical, cultural and economic.
  2. Supports the policy of the rapists bring our peoples against each other, and convert some of our children to obscurantists and suicide bombers, and this project tend this policy, and liberate our people from being tools in their hands.
  3. Rapists fake facts of history, and claim they are owners of the country, and we are minorities, and we have to go down or leave. With this project fall into this claim, and affirm that they are no more rapists, and they should leave us.
  4. Rapists claimed – falsely – that they are messengers of freedom and democracy, and they deal with us – we are indigenous people – fairly. And this project, and through our studies and let us know, we will put their ancient and modern crimes in front of the whole world.
  5. The rapists did not occupy our countries and plunder our wealth, but also occupied the consciousness of our people, the minds of our people, our people genius, the energies of our peoples, and to achieve their occupational projects to use them for centuries. With this project, we stop this great conspiracy, and we all back on track.
  6. The rapists have distorted our values ​​humanity and distorted our personalities and transformed badly many of our peoples, and imposed on our peoples dark backward mentality. With this project, we free our people personalities, to reclaim the values ​​of humanity, and come back to contribute effectively in the manufacture of civilization.
  7. The rapists marginalized us culturally, politically and economically, and absence us of history, and the more we tried to edit the identities of nationalism, and describe us with ugliest qualities. With this project, we turn the tables on their heads, and assure the world that we did not be changed and that we are present and are able to make history.

These are some aspects of the feasibility of the proposed project, and have confidence that the unification of our efforts, in the framework of an integrated strategic, and the formation of public opinion shared by our peoples, quake the ground under the feet of fascists, rapists, and create new equation of cultural and political in the Middle East, and will provide strategic depth, regionally and globally for the struggle of our peoples, and will become oppressed peoples until the compressive strength of the regional decision-making in major countries.

We have to start the first step; our generations will be complemented by the march of freedom.

Long live our peoples.

The Foundation Council of the original peoples in the Middle East

London 08/10/2012